Sunday, November 1, 2015

Birdhouse Camera Captures Nature in Action

Living in the hills means we get a lot of wildlife activity. In 2012, I set up a small bird house (nest box) and installed a miniature IR video camera. Not long afterwards, a family of Oak Titmice (perching birds) moved in, built a nest, and raised family. Together with additional video shots from outside the nest box, I created a short video telling their little story.

 It was so much fun to watch nature in action and create a semi-educational video, I did it again in 2014 when a new Titmouse pair, or some of the same individuals from 2012, moved into my "bird brother" house, and raised another little bird family.

Both videos are posted here for your enjoyment.

I made the video immediately below in May of 2014.

The video below was made in May of 2012.

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