Tuesday, September 1, 2015

High School 8mm Animated Film Gets New Life on YouTube

Fun with toy cars! Okay, not since 1978, when a friend and I made the original version of this stop-motion film in High School. We entered the original movie in our high school's film festival. We made a "sound track" on an audio cassette. We started and stopped both the movie projector and cassette player in a futile attempt to keep things in sync. Unfortunately, it was not very effective, but the audience still applauded loudly.

For this digital remake, I replaced our old funky hand-drawn "Emerald Productions" logo and titles with some fancy CGI graphics, added a 3D computer animated title sequence, new music and sound effects. Enjoy!

Weekend Video Project Pokes Fun at "Art Films"

My friend Bill Boes and I shot this in a couple hours one afternoon in San Francisco. This should have been nominated for something!

It just happened to be the same day as the Oakland Hills fire which was raging across the bay in the background. The smoke added mood to our shots although at the time we didn't know the extent of the fire's destruction. I edited this together just recently as my first YouTube upload. Shooting the scenes for this was a spontaneous weekend activity with no real intention or purpose, other than to have fun with a video camera and to perhaps, poke a little fun at inscrutable experimental art films.